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I currently reside in Clarkston, Michigan (I am originally from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area). SmileyAnswers is based in Montana.  I enjoy activities with my kids and family (entertainment and music), various sports (I play hockey when I can), and I love to research and learn.

My work life consists of helping others provide great experiences by measuring and improving them with HappyOrNot Smiley Touches, Smiley Terminals, Smiley Walls, and Web Smileys and other services. 

During graduate school, I enjoyed the research and did consulting on customer service.  At the time, it was the concept of "Moments of Truth".  The time/interactions when a customer made big decisions whether to approach or avoid an organization.  It has been an interest of mine ever since and I am excited that I get to do that on a daily basis now.  

I enjoy the following topics on how they impact a persons experience.  Feel free to contact me at anytime to share thoughts.  We can develop ideas together to measure and improve a perception/experience to positively impact peoples lives.

- Perception >  How patients/customers/employees perceive all the inputs they receive every day within the experiences they have

- Prediction >  How each point along an experience is a prediction/expectation and how that impacts a person as to how they perceive that aspect of the experience.  

- Approach/Avoid > How inputs along an experience can be so important in the decisions each person makes

- Fear/Uncertainty > The disadvantages and advantages of each and how they both play a role in all our experiences.

- Compassion/Empathy > In a world full of stress and fight/flight hormones, I am interested how compassion, calm, and empathy can vastly improve healthcare and society.

- Energy > How the culture of an interaction/ a room/ a whole facility plays a role in the experience of each person.  Along a spectrum the culture can be compassionate and impact all parties positively or it can also be negative or detached.

- Big Picture Health - How our society and we as individuals deal with constant change and the stresses that it causes.  How does an individual overcome stress and pain?  How can we address the lifetime issues that impact individuals before they become patients?

My Statement - Every person and every interaction is important  
- Valuing each individual (all patients - all employees)
- Valuing each interaction (Physician engagement with a patient - interaction in meetings - saying hello or smiling in the hallway to a patient or another staff member, etc.)


My work and personal interests merge together as I have been researching our society for more than 20 plus years. From the global economic level down to how we each of us views the world differently and what that means.  I worked as a researcher and municipal bond trader for more than 15 years (I sold and traded a lot of hospital debt).  I also worked in the areas of insurance sales, being a claims adjuster (for auto and home), restaurant management, mortgages, and other various jobs in my younger 20 something days (Including my favorite, being a Drivers Ed Instructor).

My personal goal now is to take all the research I have done and the knowledge that I have obtained to enhance the experiences of the lives I can impact.

We all have unique perspectives and that is one of many reasons I admire the Beryl Institute.  It understands that we all can contribute to the patient experience because we all have our own backgrounds to share.  By combining all these unique perspectives, we can improve the common goal of providing better patient experiences. 

I am excited to bring a perspective to the Beryl Community to help improve the lives of people.