Brad Lehman

Happy or Not

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How I aspire to help both patients and staff:

Share my research and knowledge in the following areas:

- Perception
- Prediction (Expectations)
- Approach/Avoid - Positive/Negative Experiences
- Stress
- Uncertainty
- Compassion/Empathy
- Energy
- Other Research

* Using the Four Smiley's from - HappyOrNot - SmileyAnswers to help healthcare facilities:
- Capture real-time feedback to make quick changes at pain points
- Make it simple and easy for patients and employees so there is more human engagement and less focus on data collecting
- Focus on the Positive to boost morale and culture
- Improve results and share this to all stakeholders
- Monitor and Manage multiple touchpoints at once 

Quick Stats on HappyOrNot
- Recently passed 1 Billion Feedbacks
- Located in over 120 Countries
- Within over 600 Healthcare facilities

Other interests of mine:
Focusing on helping people outside of healthcare facilities to improve their individual health and well-being:

- Community 
- Social Determinants of Health
- Mental Health 
- Education
- Finding ways to help people approach one another 
Connect with me if you would like to discuss any of the above.

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