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Patient Advocacy Community Publications Work Group

Starts: 06-14-2019
Location: Online Opportunity


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Position Description
The Patient Advocacy Community Publications Work Group Volunteers recommend and assist in developing patient advocacy publication including but not limited to white papers, research papers, pamphlets, books, digital resources. This is done with support of The Beryl Institute including but not limited to, editing services, development of final product and promotion on website. In addition volunteers will review current PX Press Patient Advocacy Publications to determine if updates are required. These publications include:

  • In the Name of the Patient
  • A Patient-Centered Approach to Handling Complaints and Grievances
  • The Written Word
  • The Sky is Falling
Essential Functions
  • Identify opportunities to develop additional patient advocacy publication
    • When publications are identified, volunteers will work with Institute staff to determine process for publication including sourcing content experts
  • Provide fully vetted content to The Beryl Institute for editing and development.
  • On a yearly basis, review current publications to identify opportunities for updates and corrections
  • Current member of The Beryl Institute
  • Current member of the Patient Advocacy Community
  • Some background in the field of patient advocacy
  • Interest in development of educational resources
Time Commitment
Monthly one-hour teleconference meetings. May be some offline meetings scheduled to move work forward.

Patient Advocacy Community Publications Work Group Volunteers

  • Have an opportunity to guide the direction of the community’s research and learnings and be part of the Institute’s overall publication offering planning process
  • Have the opportunity to connect with peers and build relationships
  • Utilize and highlight education and organizational skills sets
  • Have the opportunity for career development
  • Gain visibility for themselves and their organization
  • Share their experience and expertise giving back to the patient experience community
Work Group Leader

Volunteers Needed:

5 (4 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Michelle Garrison, CPXP
The Beryl Institute