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Six-Step Screening


After surviving late stage oral cancer, ironic for a professional storyteller,  I transitioned into motivational speaking, transporting listeners into the oral cancer patient’s experience sharing riveting details about my delayed diagnosis and finding strength to persevere through treatment. My story impacts audiences professionally and personally with my firsthand account of hardships unanticipated and overcome; courage unknown and discovered; a mother’s love tested and triumphant. I give survivorship a voice, validating feelings and articulating wisdom for moving forward.

I couldn't let what happened to me to happen to others and Six-Step Screening was born:  

To mark 10 years cancer free, I published two children's books in the Talk4Hope book series, to empower children with coping skills and communication strategies when someone they know has cancer. A few years after that, ethical wills peaked my interest, and I published My Story Legacy, a 12-page guide to document personal stories, a gift as valuable than any material possessions.